Brent Bayless land Pinpoint Imagery now providing Enhanced Google Virtual Tour Overlay Experiences. Contact us for a quote!

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Pinpoint Imagery specializes in creating high-quality 360-degree Google Virtual Tours for any business, and with this Enhanced Overlay Feature, we can showcase your establishment in a more guided and informative way that allows anyone in the world, on any device, to virtually explore and experience your establishment inside and out... beautifully, clearly, and in the most engaging way possible. 

Enhanced Virtual Tour Experiences include a Navigation Menu branded with your logo so users can hop to different areas of your Virtual Tour with ease and speed. Also, engaging Info Cards appear throughout the virtual tour with any kind of text, graphics, video, or photos you want in them, telling the unique story of your business. Call-to-Action buttons can invite viewers to visit your website or contact you, book rooms or event venues, or even sell tickets and merchandise, directly within your Enhanced Google Virtual Tour!


What's Included in an Enhanced Virtual Tour Experience?


- Your Branding

- Full Navigation Menu

- Info Cards throughout tour

 - Social Media and Email share links

- Embed virtual tour on websites, facebook, and in emails

- Simple statistics and full Google Analytics integration with click tracking

- Endless configuration and design options with editing ability on your own once it's launched


What's the Pricing for an Enhanced Virtual Tour Experience?


1. One-Time fee for the Photography of the Basic Google Virtual Tour (see pricing here)

2. Then a One-Time fee for the Design of the Enhanced Virtual Tour Overlay:

     - Small Overlay - $799 (up to 15 Info Boxes and Full Navigation Menu)

     - Medium Overlay - $1299 (15-30 Info Boxes and Full Navigation Menu)

     - Large Overlay - $1899 (30-50 Info Boxes and Full Navigation Menu)

     - Extra Large Overlay - $contact us for quote (50+ Info Boxes and Full Navigation Menu)

3. $30/year for Hosting License




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