Pinpoint Imagery provides high-quality Enhanced Google Virtual Tour Experiences. Contact us for a quote!


Pinpoint Imagery specializes in creating high-quality 360º Google Virtual Tours for any business, and with this Enhanced Overlay Feature added to a tour, we can showcase your establishment in a more guided and informative way that allows anyone in the world, on any device, to virtually explore and experience your establishment inside and out... beautifully, clearly, and in the most engaging way possible. 

Enhanced Virtual Tour Experiences include a logo-branded Navigation Menu so users can hop to different areas of your Virtual Tour with ease and speed. Also, engaging Info Cards appear throughout the virtual tour telling the unique story of your business with any combination of text, graphics, video, or photos you want. Call-to-Action buttons can invite viewers to visit your website pages, contact you, book rooms and event spaces, or even sell tickets and merchandise all directly within your Enhanced Google Virtual Tour!

What’s Included?

  • Your Branding/Logo

  • Detailed Navigation Menu

  • Info Cards placed throughout tour

  • Background Music, if desired

  • Social Media and Email Share Links

  • Embed virtual tour on websites, facebook, and in emails

  • Works seamlessly across all computer and mobile platforms

  • Hosted on Google Maps servers, no client backend needed

  • User-engagement stats, click-tracking, and Google Analytics integration

  • Endless configuration and design options with client editing ability

What’s Pricing?

1. One-time fee for the Standard Google Virtual Tour: see pricing

2. One-time fee for the Enhanced Virtual Tour Overlay Design:

  • Enhanced Virtual Tour Experience Base Price - $899

    - 5 Nav Menu Items / 5 Info Cards / Branding

    + Navigation Menu Item - $49 each

    + Info Card - $49 each

  • Tour Hosting - $15/year (subject to change)



Enhanced Virtual Tour Experiences include a free and complete user engagement statistics dashboard to get real-time, accurate information about how effective your Enhanced Virtual Tour is performing. Google Analytics integration with your website is also allowed. These powerful tools aid in calculating ROI from using the Virtual Tour in sales and marketing endeavors.

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Click to Explore Enhanced Google Virtual Tour

Click to Explore Enhanced Google Virtual Tour

Click to Explore Enhanced Google Virtual Tour