Pinpoint Imagery specializes in high-quality marketing photography services for businesses, uniquely providing Google Maps Street View Indoor Virtual Tour photo shoots.  


We specialize in high-end virtual tours and marketing photography for sports venues.

The Challenge

Sports Venues are constantly faced with the challenge of increasing their ticket and merchandise sales, event space rentals, and corporate sponsorships.

Our Solution

We generate stronger venue interest, increase ticket and merchandise sales, and attract new event rentals and corporate partnerships by providing exploration of the venue inside and out through a beautifully crafted, high-quality photographic Google Virtual Tour.



All services are a one-time fee. Client will own imagery forever.

Standard Google Virtual Tour: 360º Virtual Tour powered by Google Street View technology including seating sections and any areas inside or outside of the venue linked together in a familiar to use street-view style virtual walkthrough that will be displayed on Google Search and Maps, as well as on the stadium’s website, social media, and in emails.

  • Standard Google Virtual Tour Base Price - $2,299

    - Includes choice of 5 indoor/outdoor areas and 10 seating sections

    - Free Lifetime Hosting on Google Maps

    + Indoor Areas and Event Spaces - $99 sm / $199 med / $299 lg

    + Outdoor Areas and Event Spaces - $99 sm / $199 med / $299 lg

    + Seating Sections - $49 sm / $79 med / $99 lg

    + Field, Court, or Track Views - $299 partial / $499 full

    + 360º Aerial Drone View - $299 each

Enhanced Virtual Tour Experience: The Standard Google Virtual Tour enhanced with stadium branding, a detailed navigation menu, and sleek info cards that tell the unique story of the stadium with marketing copy, graphics, videos, or photos. These info cards that appear throughout the tour can also include call-to-action buttons that invite viewers to purchase tickets, buy merchandise in the store, book event spaces and suites, visit your website, contact you, and so much more. It also comes with user engagement statistics and full Google Analytics integration with click tracking. This is truly the best way to virtually explore and experience the stadium on your website, social media, and in emails. See examples here

  • Standard Google Virtual Tour price above, plus:

  • Enhanced Virtual Tour Experience Base Price - $899

    - 5 Nav Menu Items / 5 Info Cards / Branding

    + Navigation Menu Item - $49 each

    + Info Card - $49 each

  • Tour Hosting - $15/year (subject to change)

Professional Marketing Still Photos: Also available, in addition to the virtual tour, are high-quality still photos of the interior and exterior of the venue published to Google Search and Maps, and for use anywhere else online.

  • 25 Still Photos - $599

  • 50 Still Photos - $999

  • 75 Still Photos - $1,299

  • 100 Still Photos - $1.599

Aerial Drone Images: For beautiful views from above, aerial panoramas of the venue can be added to the virtual tour, and aerial still photography and video clips are also available for your other marketing uses online.

  • Still Photo - $99

  • 360º Panorama - $299

  • Video Clip - $499

*Travel Reimbursement Fees apply for many areas, please inquire.

Click to Explore Enhanced Google Virtual Tour

Click to Explore Enhanced Google Virtual Tour

Click to Explore Enhanced Google Virtual Tour


The Standard Google Virtual Tour is stitched together from hundreds of still panoramic photos taken in various positions throughout the venue, creating a thorough virtual walkthrough maze to explore. Each red dot below represents a different photosphere where the viewer can navigate to and look 360º in any direction with a true high-quality photographic view of the stadium. It’s perfect for a true real-life representation of seat views. The end result is one large, connected, and seamless virtual tour that works flawlessly on any device, anywhere in the world.


Enhanced Virtual Tour Experiences include a free and complete user engagement statistics dashboard to get real-time, accurate information about how effective your Enhanced Virtual Tour is performing. Google Analytics integration with your website is also allowed. These powerful tools aid in calculating ROI from using the Virtual Tour in sales and marketing endeavors. *Available only with Enhanced Virtual Tours